Pew Announces 2020 Marine Fellows

Program adds 8 leading international scientists and conservationists

The Pew marine fellows program was created to seek solutions to the problems affecting the world’s oceans. This year’s fellows are:

Asta Audzijonyte, Ph.D.

Audzijonyte seeks to drive more sustainable management of coastal ecosystems by improving knowledge about how fishing and climate change affect fish body size.

Ling Cao, Ph.D.

Cao aims to develop the scientific knowledge needed to scale up a more sustainable form of offshore aquaculture that considers economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Eric Gilman, Ph.D.

Gilman will investigate whether various bait types can help reduce bycatch of seabirds, marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks, and rays in longline tuna fisheries.

Arthur Gleason, Ph.D.

Gleason will work to provide key scientific knowledge to support more effective restoration and conservation of coral reefs.

Hiroe Ishihara, Ph.D.

Ishihara will examine how human social networks affect fisheries management to inform the creation of more ecologically and socially sustainable policies in Japan.

Ana M.M. Sequeira, Ph.D.

Sequeira will identify important biodiversity areas and key threats to large marine animals that can be used to improve conservation of these species as they move between and beyond national boundaries.

Andrianus Sembiring, M.S.

Sembiring will develop a rapid, cost-effective method for identifying protected shark species sold in Indonesian markets to enable better enforcement of shark protections in the country.

Nina Wambiji, Ph.D.

Wambiji will gather scientific knowledge to improve conservation and management of billfish species, such as marlin and sailfish, in Western Indian Ocean countries.

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Pew海洋保全フェロープログラムでは、質の高い研究を生み出し、連携して海洋問題に取り組む専門家のグローバルなコミュニティーを形成することにより、海洋の健全性の改善を目指しています。このプログラムは、高い学位と優れた実績に加え、海洋保全に対するコミットメントを有する中堅科学者やその他の専門家から選ばれた者に対してフェローシップを提供するものです。このイニシアチブを通じて、The Pew Charitable Trusts(Pew財団)は、39ヵ国の180名を超える専門家を支援してきました。


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Pew Marine Fellows: Preserving Our Oceans for Future Generations